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Nova Star

Human Resource Leadership Retreat and Creative Planning Dialogue Facilitation Training for key Managers: Dec, 2004

We facilitated a team retreat for the senior management of the Human Resource Department. We provided relational leadership training focusing on developing a greater understanding of personal process and how it relates to working relationships, communication skills and identifying a framework and establishing principles for the department's relationships.

We also delivered Creative Planning Dialogue Facilitation training for a cross section of managers from across the United States. The emphasis was on providing a set of collaborative tools for developing more inclusive planning processes. Participants worked on specific issues of concern in their area of responsibility and developed concrete plans for addressing these issues.

"Wow. What a great system for planning even the most complex process. It will work in most every situation and /or work group. I’m anxious to get started. Thanxs!"

Tony Farr, Service Quality Supervisor, NovaStar

"I liked that it was interactive and engaging. Participation was required. We had to do the process and experience all the roles. I liked the honesty and respectful environment. Content (process) is very powerful. Ian, you are a great facilitator."

Sonya Butler, Wholesale Marketing Manager, NovaStar